Once well-known for its luxury hotels and resorts, Mauritius has undergone a great transformation. The new trend races towards alternative accommodation and as we are an enterprise with a sustainable background, we are happy to point the way for your great new holiday experience.

As our island is located below the tropic of Capricorn, it has a tropical climate; which means that even during island-winter (which runs parallel to European summer), the days are nice and warm and the Ocean invites for a swim all year round. As the wonderful white sandy beaches are protected by a barrier reef, the lagoon is generally safe for swimming and all kinds of water sports. Colourful fish dwell in the deep blue Ocean; as rare tropical birds and exotic endemic plants thrive in the forests and on the green rolling hills of the Hinterland.

Visitors will feast not only on great nature sights, but also on the culinary delights offered by a multi- cultural society. Dishes from China, Africa, India and Madagascar are enhanced with a zest of old England and enriched with French “Haute-Cuisine” – a tropical cocktail of unforgettable aromas is the result. Of course island kitchen is a reflection of island history and the melting pot involves a multitude of races, cultures, religions, political struggles and astonishing events, which have led to the creation of today’s Republic of Mauritius; an amazing island paradise to discover and enjoy. Mauritius is a truly multi-ethnic society, with a variety of religions and belief systems, which can be spotted in the form of the numerous interestingly-shaped churches, temples and mosques found throughout the island; some of them at unexpected places! Religious feasts and holidays are being celebrated throughout the year and visitors are often spontaneously invited to participate.