There is so much to explore in Mauritius! And when, just a few years ago, visitors went for the white sandy beaches and the hotel activities, they have nowadays discovered that the island offers an amazing array of exciting, adventurous and thrilling holiday attractions.

Ranging from diving, snorkelling, boating and kayaking right up to canyoning, quad-biking horse riding, zip lining and skydiving, anyone with the appropriate fitness level can find the leisure activity that suits them best. Rare plant and bird-species wait to be discovered in the National Park, which is criss-crossed by a system of trails for nature-lovers with any degree of endurance.

But that is by far not it! A range of sustainable day tours enables an encounter with the unique nature of Mauritius, its beautiful but fragile eco-system, multi-faceted religious and cultural life. Eco-tours grant insights into the sizzling melting pot which is Mauritius; not only as far as races go, but also concerning the mouth-watering island cuisine and amazing history.

Travellers with children might like a visit of a Nature Park, where they can meet animals up-close and choose their favourite activities. Or else opt for a leisurely catamaran cruise, with included snorkelling stops to discover the fascinating underwater life of the turquoise lagoon. Most catamaran cruises are topped by a visit to the outer isles, where passengers are treated with a barbecue of grilled fish and specially prepared sweet tasting local banana.

Skydive Mauritius

A 10,000 ft Tandem Skydive is one of the more recent activities introduced in Mauritius. It takes place on the North-east Coast of the island, in Riviere Du Rempart. The activity consists of a briefing with an instructor, a plane ride to reach the required altitude, freefall and a flight under canopy before landing.

Swim With Dolphins

A speed boat outing from the West Coast of Mauritius, starts in the early hours of the morning for an encounter with the dolphins that have made the lagoon their home. If luck is on your side, you will get some up close and personal time swimming alongside the dolphins. The trip also includes time for some snorkelling.

Sailing In The South

You set sail from the turquoise lagoon of Old Grand Port, which was the first port of the island and where the earliest settlers began their explorations along the coast to Ile aux Cerfs (Deer island). The trip offers the opportunity for some snorkelling, a visit to the Grand River South East Waterfalls, and a visit to the pristine sandy beach of Ile aux Cerfs, as well as spectacular mountain scenery to behold.